Ebay bans electronic cigarettes

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As of June 9, the Ebay e-commerce site will ban the electronic cigarette and all its derivatives. A witch hunt in the name of political correctness.

This is a big blow for many small vape retailers and artisans: as of June 9, the Ebay e-commerce site will ban electronic cigarettes and all their derivatives. A witch hunt in the name of political correctness.

Ebay no longer wants vape

This is an update to eBay's policy that leaves no room for interpretation: The sale of electronic cigarettes and their accessories and items containing tobacco is prohibited on eBay.

"The sale of tobacco is strictly regulated and can harm eBay members. Therefore, we prohibit the sale of tobacco products."

-communicated by Ebay

The site specifies that this particular point will come into force from June 9, 2021.

What does this regulation consist of?

The following or similar products are not authorized (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Any product containing tobacco, for example cigarettes, cigars and loose tobacco leaves.
  • Cigar tubes or wraps
  • Nicotine inhalers or nasal sprays (consult the regulation on drugs and parapharmacy)
  • Herbal cigarettes (sometimes called non-nicotine or tobacco-free cigarettes)
  • Domain names or website URLs explaining how to get tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs and accessories such as atomizers, liquids (with or without nicotine) and flavorings (effective from June 9, 2021)

Prohibited practices:

Include pictures of cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products in advertisements to sell cigar rings, collectible packaging or any other accessory

Activities that do not comply with eBay regulations may result in penalties, including: removing or undoing ads, hiding or reducing the visibility of all ads in search results, lowering seller ratings, restrictions on buying or selling privileges and account suspension. Fees paid or payable for ads or accounts subject to sanctions will not be refunded or credited to your account.

Source: Ebay


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